The Songs of Peter Ray

In January of 2022 (in my 60th year), I was looking for a new art project, and decided to record some songs written back when I was in high school and college and was an aspiring rock star (ha!). I found these songs in the journals I wrote back then, which provided incredible insights and almost painful details about my day to day life at that tender age. After four months of exhilarating research and work, I ended up with 32 songs that I divided into two collections – those largely written when I was younger (“The Early Stuff”) and those largely written in 2022 but inspired by those early songs (“The Later Stuff”). This was a very fun project, and really taught me so much – both about my younger self, and who I am today. Enjoy!

The Early Stuff – Songs written while I was in high school and college
The Later Stuff – Songs written in 2022 but inspired by my teenage self
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